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Sola Idowu and Modupe Sowunmi
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All about saying “yes”

So I was going to write a different post then this happened: He Proposed! and I said YES! pay no attention to my nails plsss I got lots of messages and calls from people, congratulating me which was pretty exciting. I also had people…

August 15, 2017
Best Blog Tips- Abuja Bloggers
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Best Blogging Tips

I checked my google analytics recently ( something I rarely do) and I realized I’ve had over 9,000 views on my blog! Now that may not seem to be anything to some people. But I know how I never really thought people would actually…

March 13, 2017
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Currently I’m…

Hi Everyone! I read a similar post by Winifred of Rare is beautiful and I was inspired to do this. Basically giving details on what I’m currently doing, would love to know what you guys are up to. Currently, I am… Wearing: Work clothes,…

October 10, 2016
Journal and Diary
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A Peek Into My Journal From 2004!

Soooooo 12 years ago, I started a journal…for whatever reason, In 2004, I decided that I was going to write down every day of my life. I kept it so private I wouldn’t let anyone read It. Thankfully, I allowed my big sister decorate…

September 26, 2016