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A week at NAF Suites Abuja

June 19, 2016
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Nigerian Airforce Conference Center and suites

Nigerian Airforce Conference Center and suites

The Nigerian Air force Suites is a unique hotel located in Kado, Abuja. it is located only 23 miles from Abuja Airport it is easily accessible via the main expressway links.

The hotel offers 31 rooms which are very spacious, and modern. a range of conference and banqueting facilities for up to 1000 guests and leisure facilities consisting of Restaurants, Garden Bar and outdoor swimming pool. I had the opportunity of staying at NAF suites for about a week. and i’ll be reviewing my experience staying at the suite.


* The hotels location enables easy access to all that Abuja has to offer (activities that can provide a range of fun activities to make the most of your stay.) it is relatively close to the heart of town and a walking distance to Next cash and carry.
* The rooms are spacious, luxurious and homely at the same time.
* The service is excellent and the staff really try their best to get everything you would need.
* The room comes with a kitchenette and a large refrigerator
* Every room has a balcony (I think, not so sure) and the balcony has a really nice view
* Unlimited free snacks at the minibar in the room.
* Every part of the hotel was Clean and tidy
* The Food was well prepared
* There’s a standby pool guard and swimming instructor
* I love the Unique structure of the hotel


* There is currently no gym, but there are plans for that in the next year
* WiFi wasn’t superb
* There wasn’t a standby source of electricity. ( when the light goes off you would literally have to wait for a
while before its switched over.
* There wasn’t enough variety in the Buffet especially in terms of fruits. too much carbs

Final Hotel Assessment:

For overall review, i’ll provide ratings based on the following criteria:
1 (Terrible) to 5 (Excellent)

My Overall Rating: 4

* Cleanliness: 5 – The room and the public spaces were spotless.

* Reviews from google: 4.4 The reviews are spot on to the quality of the hotel experience.

* Architecture:5, the structure is unique, not like conventional architectural hotel designs in nigeria. it has high ceilings, glass walls, it is sleek and minimalistic.

* Hotel room descriptions are the same as the booking information: 5 – The rooms actually look like whats in the website photos. i was impressed by the size of the rooms.

* I would recommend the hotel For longer stay as it comes with a kitchentte. Additionally, the rooms have a balcony which is a nice touch.

the pictures below were taken by me. For pro pictures, you can visit their website www.nafconsuites.com

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