5 Ways to stay fresh in dry harmattan season

Hi guys! It’s that time of the year… The hot,harsh, dry and dusty harmattan season.

I don’t know about those of you down South but up here in the North, the weather in Abuja isn’t being gentle on us at all.

To ease the discomfort, here are 5 items that’ll keep you glowing through the season.

1. Neutrogena body oil:

you can get this from Blue world Plaza, Wuse 2. I’ve been using this way before harmattan came around but it’s been extra helpful this season. It literally keeps me moisturized all day long so I don’t have to worry about turning white when I’m out.

2.NYX butter gloss:

You can get this from Gifty’s Daughter,DBM Plaza, wuse 2.It is supper comfortable on the lips. Not too sticky or too glossy. It’s just what you need to keep the moisture in. And it fits perfectly in your purse!

3. Tom Tom Honey and Lemon flavoured Candy.

This can be gotten almost anywhere in Abuja. Its honey and lemon combo gives a natural feel. It’s not too sweet and it definitely soothes dry throat. Can also fit into your purse and is affordable.

4. Water?

I can’t get enough of this cause I’m constantly dehydrated. Especially after stepping out into the scorching sun.

5. Socks

Want to your feet to stay fresh? wear socks to bed!it might be a bit uncomfortable for a while but its definitely worth it. it will prevent your feet from getting dry and cracked.

These are my harmattan essentials, what are yours?

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