Book of the Month: Year of Yes

It is amazing how people who have attained a certain level of success (who you would expect to be confident and flawless blah blah blah) are not exactly the way we picture them to be. They don’t have it all figured out after all.

Being a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy and my all time favorite Scandal, I have been in awe of the writer of these TV shows (and private practice, aaaaand how to get away with murder!!!). All this by one woman? yes.

Shonda Rhimes

She is the brain behind these shows. the creator of these characters I’ve fallen in love with.

In her book, “year of yes” she talks about her journey to a happier life by simply making the decision to say YES to a lot of things.Three words to describe this book? Honest, Funny and Captivating.

I’ve learned so much and I will be sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned in consequent posts. Be sure to look out for Lessons Learned from Shonda Series!
It will be an awesome way to start the year, Saying Yes! to opportunities, things that scare Us, and most importantly, saying Yes to Happiness. I’m hoping this will be a year of yes for all of us.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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