Book of the Month: Lessons from Year of Yes

Hi guys, I promised to put up posts on lessons I learned from Shonda Rhimes book “year of yes”

Before I dish out the first lesson,  I’ll give a brief overview of the book.

While preparing for Thanksgiving in 2013. Shonda Rhimes got confronted with the sharp truth. “You never say yes to anything” her big sister said. Those six words became a wake up call for her,  and she started the Year of Yes project: she decided to say yes to everything for one year, from commencement speeches and award luncheons to a healthy  lifestyle and difficult conversations. In the book, she unveils her journey (struggles and growth) through her “year of yes”

In chapter 6. Shonda Rhimes talks about having an amazing nanny. Describes her as “principled and firm…. a goddess sent by the universe… ”

Before she got the nanny she was determined to raise her kids by herself and even ignored a friend’s advice to get one…Until it got too difficult for her, making her less productive in other areas of her life.

According to her “powerful women like to make their lives look perfect” they give off the impression that they have every aspect of their lives figured out and other people watching them try hard to measure up not knowing what goes on behind the scenes.

  “No one has it all figured out”  she says several times

In other words, be honest to yourself about how much you can do by yourself. Sometimes we as women try too hard to be superwomen (maybe out of pride) but that is unrealistic. Instead we get the opposite – worn out and frustrated.

So basically, if at any point you feel overwhelmed, be honest with yourself, Remember that you can’t do everything by yourself (No one can) and it’s okay to ask for help.

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