How to Stay Motivated at work

Not everyone gets their dream job, but guess what? I did!…well, for now…I love what I do, especially where I work. But this post isn’t just for people who love their jobs, cause most people don’t, regardless of how passionate you are about what you are doing, it gets to a point where you are no longer motivated.

Here are a few tips on how to stay motivated at work:

1. Get to work!: just because you don’t like what you do (or are not motivated to work) does not make it okay for you to spend your time obsessing over how much you feel is lacking from your current position, this will only make you feel more frustrated. Plus you get paid to work (I hope you do),so get to work.

2. Be the best at what you do: if possible Fake it till you make it. it’s important that you still do your best in the office, no matter how challenging and draining it can seem at times. Every position contributes to your professional reputation and overall your career. And constantly doing your best and getting results gives you a sense of fulfillment which automatically makes you a bit more motivated.

3. Work-life balance: It is important to have a life outside the work environment…something that takes your mind off work, when you are not at work. And Even if you’ve had a tough day in the office, make sure that you leave it all behind you when it’s time to wrap up your workday. Don’t take that work stress home with you and allow it to continue to fester. It usually means you’ll turn mountains into molehills, and it’ll make it even harder to head into the office with a positive attitude and a new found sense of motivation the next day

4. Eat please! How can you stay motivated on an empty stomach? That’s simply impossible! (at least for me) Try as much as possible to have a convenient meal plan. So that way you don’t have to work on an empty stomach or stress about your eating habit. And also..if possible.. have a snack cabinet *wink* Plus food makes everyone happy!!!!

5. Goals? dreams? Simply because you have a job doesn’t mean you have achieved all you are capable of. NEVER STOP DREAMING and never stop setting goals. When you know where you are going, everything has a way of pushing you closer to your dream. Even if you are not certain where you are going at least plan to be in a better position than you currently are. You can explore new opportunities…I’m not asking you to quit your job. You can start within your own office. Try and see if there are any new projects or assignments you could tackle on your own. Or, if you have any ideas that you think could benefit your department or entire company, go ahead and pitch them! You might just wind up with a new task that you can actually feel invested in. If you think opportunities within your own workplace are limited, don’t hesitate to look outside. Is there a cause you could volunteer with that would make you feel fulfilled? Can you join a board or professional organization that will both challenge you and benefit from your skills? maybe you should brainstorm on this…I would put up a post on professional organizations or clubs in sure to remind me! 🙂

6. Stay positive…ALWAYS: A positive person is a motivated person (says Me)

So, dear readers keep these tips at the back of your mind always, continue pushing forward, and you’re one step closer to that dream job.

If you have more tips on staying motivated/ committed to a job PLEASE SHARE. I’m sure there are lots of people out there that can benefit from them.

Kindly leave your comments below.

  1. Well…I think there comes a point in a person’s life when quitting is the best thing, that’s after trying your pointers of course. Why be in a place that makes you feel miserable?

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