Life Update: Blue June

Hello blogfam!

June wasn’t the best month for me mostly cause of issues I had with my blog (My old posts are still affected, I’ll fix them up soonest ) thus the title BLUE JUNE. I didn’t meet up with my blog goals and so many other goals too, and I lost my sense of commitment and creativity.

But it wasn’t a completely terrible month as it started on a fun note. We had a staff retreat at work which was focused on team building and strategic planning. It was refreshing being in a different environment, not working- Just basically chilling and learning and bonding- Haven’t experienced anything like that before. I learnt a lot about team work.

It rained a lot this month, It was nice having the weather cool most of the time, rather than the usual hot weather. The Economy isn’t better yet but I heard there’s some kind of progress. Let’s not forget to #PrayforNigeria

I was able to read just one book this month, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg which talked about why women don’t achieve leadership roles as much as they should, she explains the root causes such as mother hood and culture. she also offered solutions that can empower women to achieve their full potential one of which is to LEAN IN ( seeking challenges, taking risks and pursuing goals relentlessly). You can read more about that HERE.

A major highlight of this month for me was attending the Project Empower 3600 conference I was invited at the last minute, didn’t think i’d make it but i did, and it was the best thing that happened this month. It basically came at the point where I was contemplating quitting the blog because of all the challenges but the conference helped me navigate my way through.

And just when I thought I was truly happy not being single, It turned out we were not compatible. Sigh! ( I actually wrote a post about it but decided it wasn’t necessary putting it up)

Anyways, the most important thing I learnt in June is “Planning is Key” you may have the drive, the skills and resources but if you don’t plan (well) then the goal can’t be achieved successfully.

In July, I’d love to plan better, not stress over the little things and basically just SLAY all through 🙂

What are you taking away from June (lessons, experiences) and What are your expectations for July? I’d love to hear from you guys,

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And before I forget…HAPPY NEW MONTH! In this month I pray that you will be highly favored and all things shall work for your good.



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