7 Thing’s I’m Currently Loving

A friend teased me about my last post cause I started with “Hey Blogfam” , I really don’t think there’s an appropriate way to start a post…well…HI GUYS!!!

I’m currently enjoying this Sallah break and even more excited that it has been extended by a day, (Wonder why the moon is hiding. lol)
I’m going to be sharing some of my favorite items today. Just a few things I’ve been using a lot lately that have come in very handy.

The first item is my Stainless steel vacuum mug: Its been very useful for quite a while now, whenever I put liquid into it (water, beverage, etc) it seems to retain the temperature for like…forever! , I guess other mugs do that too but I just like how chic this one looks. It makes me want to drink more.hehe! If you have a busy day and want to stay hydrated, this will come in very handy, as its portable and can contain enough liquid. Its also very easy to keep it clean as its all stainless steel.

Mango Mandarin scented candle by the Country candle: I’m gradually getting addicted to scented candles…I love love this mango mandarine scented candle, it has just the right amount of scent, not too strong or too light. It has a juicy and vibrant sweet smell which quickly radiates… I always make sure I don’t leave it burning for more that 3 hrs at a time.

SCZR fedora hat: I’m a huge fan of fedora hats, this however, is classic and stylish, the texture is unique…Just think ‘great hat, great look, great deal’. You can purchase yours HERE OR at Shop365 Africa store at Cappador Mall, No 85 Aguyi Ironsi, Maitama Abuja.

Designed for Success by Dondi Scumaci: This is the book I’m currently reading, it talks about the Ten commandments for women in the workplace, how to overcome the stereotypes woman have been raised to accept and how to become the best woman you can be. This book isn’t limited to women in the workplace, but women from all walks of life, whether in business or not. If we can change the way we see ourselves, then we’ll open up the possibility of doing great things as God has created us to do.

Daily Manna: For me, this is an awesome devotional, it gives a lot of spiritual depth to life and christianity in general. Its a thought provoking devotional that contains Daily prophetic declarations, Devotional prayers for Morning, Afternoon, Evening and break through prayer points for several life events you might encounter. It also contains Gems for success few praise and worship songs and prayer points for each day. The current devotional for the 3rd quarter of the year is out. feel free to contact me for a free copy!

LA girl matte flat velvet lipstick- Snuggle: This not so lipsticky-lipstick is gradually growing on me. I didn’t like it initially because it just didn’t give the lipstick effect I was expecting, ( It’s not highly pigmented, doesn’t last long, and easily smudges) for me It’s like a “matte lip balm” *covers face*. But I’ve discovered that it lasts longer when my lips are properly exfoliated, it’s really comfortable on my lips and I love the shade I have.

Bath and Body works- Be Joyful fine fragrance mist:
I love this body mist because of its light-sweet floral fragrance, I actually use it along side my perfume of choice for that day. It was given to me by a dear friend and I love it! I usually use it after I get out of the shower. It has a super feminine scent.

And Lastly…

Apple Cider vinegar: A friend recommended this to me, its actually well known for its ability to help loose weight, (Read all its benefits here). But i use it as a facial toner before bed by mixing very little of it with water and using cotton wool to apply it on my face. It tightens my pores and leaves me feeling fresh by the next morning.

So, these are some of the things I’m currently finding useful, what are yours? Please share below.

Wishing all my Muslim friends a Peaceful and Happy Sallah!

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