8 Tips on How to Be Productive

As I mentioned in my previous post Blue June, I wasn’t as productive as I hoped I’d be in June. So this month i’m making extra efforts to keep myself in check and stay on course.

“Being busy and being productive are two different things, focus on the latter”
As someone who likes to dedicate my time to people and things that are important to me, I’m always looking for ways to be more productive so I can get more things done and waste less time, so today I’m sharing tips for getting lots of stuff done.

1. Make your morning routine non-negotiable:

I hear morning routines are a great way to set yourself up for success! I’ve not always been a morning person…well lately, I spend some time in the morning basically chilling before work -Yup CHILLING!. Besides my morning devotion, I try to think through my activities for the day or the week, sometimes I work out or just stretch, do some chores, listen to upbeat music and mentally prepare to have a great day. It actually depends on my mood that morning. Sometimes I spend the entire morning on Instagram and then find myself rushing off to work, other times It’s my make up that takes the better part of my morning. But either way, a healthy morning routine is a great way to stay productive.

2. Use a planner.

I seriously don’t Know what I’ll do without my planner. I’ve discovered that planning tasks ahead of time is essential for getting things done and also maintaining my sanity. Whether you choose to use a digital planner on your phone or a book, scheduling things out is super important! While everyone uses planners differently, I like to get in-depth with mine. A few things I do are:

– Weekly & monthly overviews. At the beginning of each month I’ll write down goals for that month then I’ll break those goals down into action steps over the weeks. It’s super satisfying and it is important in making sure that you’re taking the necessary steps to getting what you want accomplished!

– Daily to-do lists. You know how I break down my monthly goals into weekly actionable tasks? Well, I always make a to-do list for the next day before bed. It helps me to sleep better with a clear head and then I feel like I’m ready to take over the next day! Planning specific tasks and action steps ahead of time helps avoid stress and the feeling of having endless tasks!

5. Get your sweat on!
Working-out boosts your mood, brain and ability to focus. It also relieves stress and is a nice break from the daily grind! AND it boosts confidence. In fact, there’s a million reasons why you should incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine and boosting your productivity is one of them. So just DO IT!!! You can at least start with frequent walks in the morning or evening. Basically, aim to stay active.
6. Have a clean, organized room/ work space/ environment.
Keeping my room tidy makes me feel productive already. Trying to get work done in a scattered environment stresses me out. A clean, simplified workspace really helps you focus!

7. Schedule less, say “no” more.
Constantly scheduling more than I can handle makes me feel rushed and behind. And then when I DON’T get everything done? Sigh! I feel Super unproductive (even if I’ve achieved some things).
Schedule LESS and get MORE done. Also, learn to say “no.” If you’re not setting boundaries then eventually your sanity will go out the window!

8. Finally, You have to respect your time, your goals and your work. Ignore invitations and interruptions and take your own work and deadlines seriously! You’re worth it. Your work is worth it. Your goals are worth it. Hopefully you find some of these tips helpful! I know that being consistent at these things will really help me and everyone else reading this stay productive.
Cheers to getting lots of things done this year!

What about you? got any tips that have helped YOU get more stuff done? Please share in the comments!

Cheers to getting lots of things done this week!


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