Its August! The Beauty of Uncertainty

Happy New Month everyone!

Where did all the time go?! I can’t believe its August already. But I must say, July was a productive month for me. I can’t even complain. There is only one thing I want to focus on this month:

Embracing the beauty of Uncertainty

I was skyping with my friend Arit (Hey gurl!!!). By the way Arit is my really really good friend from way back. Her birthday was on the 27th of July. Happy birthday darling! She has been super supportive of all my weird ideas-this blog included and she is just an amazing person to be honest…Sooooo as I was saying…we were skyping (Skyping because she decided to run away to a strange land and abandon me here. LOOOOL) I miss her though.

Anyways, We talked a lot, about life mostly and how we sometimes feel like we are behind, COMPARED to our peers. (I used peers for lack of words). When you see your MATES, getting married, owning their own businesses, doing their own thing and just slaying in major ways. And you don’t even know what your next move is- It can be a bit disheartening. But do not I repeat DO NOT ever compare your journey to someone else’s. Cause we are all very different and we all have our paths to follow. Just because you aren’t where you want to be now doesn’t mean you wont get there. In fact if you are where you want to be already, Then I think that’s a problem.

Uncertainty can be uncomfortable sometimes. We are just wired to want to control everything around us, but as much as we want to, it is impossible to know exactly how our future will turn out. The reality is that in this fast changing, unpredictable world the best thing we can do for ourselves is to embrace Uncertainty and just do our best, where we are and with what we have.

Man Proposes – God disposes

I hope I didn’t bore you guys with serious talk? 😀

Wishing you all an Amazing Month!

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