A Peek Into My Journal From 2004!

Soooooo 12 years ago, I started a journal…for whatever reason, In 2004, I decided that I was going to write down every day of my life. I kept it so private I wouldn’t let anyone read It. Thankfully, I allowed my big sister decorate it with fancy pens 😀

What I didn’t know when I started that was that it would turn out to be the best idea ever! My journal turned out to be my dearest friend and closest confidant all in one.

I stopped writing sometime around 2010, but when I found it a few Saturdays ago, along with my album, It definitely brought back lovely memories so I’ve decided to start a new one.

If you don’t see any reason why you should keep a journal, you can check out the benefits below:


To Keep Record

Most of the contents of my journal are not just an account of my thoughts and feelings, but also of what I did and who I saw. For someone like me, who has a not-so-good memory, this helps me memorize important information, and brainstorm new ideas, It can help you remember your days and be a great form of reference.

I also like the fact that its a great way to record your journey.

To Let Out Your Feelings

We all have things that bother us. Besides talking to your friends and family about it, this is a way to let it out ;).

To Make Sense of Your Thoughts

Keeping a journal was kind of my therapy, It’s a place where you can assess your reactions and responses and give yourself advice.

To Always Have a Friend

While going out with friends is great, Its actually really fun keeping a journal. Seriously though, you can always turn to your journal to talk about whatever you want, whenever you want.

Now that we’ve established journaling is worthwhile, the question is how do you do it consistently and effectively?


—->Buy an Attractive Journal That Makes You Excited to Write, Use fancy pens to make it look even more attractive.

—->Decide How Often You’ll Write (Preferably write daily), You may not be able to write every day even if you plan to, so set a reasonable goal for yourself. Don’t worry if you miss your goal as you first start out. The more you begin to enjoy it, the less likely you’ll be to miss.

—>Pick a Time of Day: I Usually write in bed, at the end of the day. Find what works best for you

When it comes to the content of your journal, there are no rules! If you feel like writing a novel, go for it. want to scribble and call it a day? Up to you. What I’m trying to say is that while consistency and discipline will help you to enjoy the benefits, there is no one right way to do it.

I’m really excited about my new journal, can’t wait to read it in ten years or more!

Don’t wait till the beginning of a new year, this is the perfect time to develop a new habit. Follow these simple steps, let your mind guide you, and you’ll have lovely memories to share with your grandkids Haha!

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