Movie Night With Mum: Queen of Katwe

This post is inspired by the movie “Queen of Katwe”

The movie- Queen of Katwe -is based on the true life story of Phiona Mutesi a Ugandan chess champion. She grew up in one of the largest slums in Uganda called Katwe.

Her role was played by Madina Nwalanga, a Ugandan actress who, In my opinion mirrors Phiona’s story beautifully, depicting her childhood and how her life was transformed by the game of Chess. Other actors were Lupita Nyong’o ( who played her mother) and David Oyelowo (who played her chess tutor). They did extremely well.

I got to see this movie with my mum and I cried all through…I still don’t know why, considering it was a relatively happy movie. But I guess it was something about Phiona, the strength she possessed at such a young age. I recall a scene where she first discovered the chess class, as she walked in, all the other kids made fun of her, because she smelt bad. Some even went as far as calling her a pig and grunting.

She felt bad, fought back, went home and had a bath and went back there the next day. It was that simple, she didn’t let that discourage her or stop her from learning (and eventually defeating all of them, including her tutor!).

The title of this post was initially “Are you running to eat or live?” It was inspired by the scene where Robert (David Oyelowo) took them to play with the “City kids” and they were all soo intimidated after they saw how different they were from them. They were reluctant to go ahead with the game, then Robert dramatically narrated a story of a dog that was hungry, it spotted a cat and chased it. The cat ran really fast and the dog got tired and stopped. when asked why it stopped, the dog said “I’m only running for a meal, but the cat is running for his life”

This just go to show how very different our attitude to our dreams are. Some of us are too comfortable where we are that we can’t see the bigger picture, some of us are relaxed because we think “we are young” and “we have time” some of us are yet to discover how important it is to have dreams and work towards achieving them and some of us don’t even have dreams…

So I guess the big question is Are you running to eat or live?

Has anyone else seen this movie? What do you think?

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