Currently Reading: Life In Half A Second by Matthew Michalewicz

On my flight back to Nigeria a few days back, I needed something to entertain myself, so I clicked on the In flight entertainment (IFE) TV screen in front of me, I had seen most of the movies there already- at least the ones I thought were interesting. So I checked the menu for other entertainment options and I spotted “Audiobooks”. It was like something lit up in me. I love Audiobooks, they make “reading” super convenient and quick.

I scrolled through the endless list of books and was going to read “Steve Jobs- Thinking differently” when I spotted “Life In Half A Second by Matthew Michalewicz” simply because I liked the synopsis better, I chose the book. It was interesting and practical, I found myself taking notes. But somewhere along the line, I slept off…I woke up to the flight attendant announcing the flights decent and preparation for landing. Sadly, I couldn’t finish the book. I got off the flight determined to find the book.

Life in half a second

The book basically talks about the shortness of life and inevitability of death, the author used data and true life stories to back up the fact that most people spend their lives doing things they think they HAVE to do, rather than what they actually WANT to do. He challenges us to live our best lives everyday and asks the ultimate question: What will you do if you had just one year to live?

I’m still looking to get the book so I can finish it, I’m already halfway through. I saw it on Audible for $24 (Not sure I’m ready to spend that much on it yet) But I really like the book and might eventually get it on audible if i can’t find it more affordable anywhere. Any suggestions?


Last year, I committed to reading one book a month and I did that successfully. This year I’d love to continue with that (who wants to join me on the “Monthly read challenge”?) Just one book, maybe more if I can, but I don’t want to push myself too hard because I have other commitments and would not want to fall back on any of them. well…with Audiobooks, I guess I can do more…who knows.

What do you think about Audiobooks? Do you think listening gives the same (or better) impact than reading a book?

Who else has read this book? (or is planning to)?

I love reading your comments. Please share your opinions on this post below 😀

NB: Let’s not forget to celebrate Flora Nwapa – Mother of African Literature. She was a Nigerian Igbo Author…READ MORE HERE

Flora Nwapa
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Till my next post
Stay blessed

  1. Nice. I will add the book to my read list.
    I love audiobooks. Since I moved to Lagos, it’s been more and more difficult to find time to concentrate to read a book. With an audio book it’s been easier for me. It’s convenient and quicker and I can listen over and over if I need to.
    One of my goals this year too is to read at least one book a month. And I plan to achieve that using Audible.
    I set up a subscription; so for $15/month I get to choose any book from their library every month.
    (Instead of paying $24 for the ‘Life in half a second’ book, you can consider subscribing and getting the book for $15. You can unsubscribe anytime).
    I just finished reading my first book (Zero to One by Peter Theil) this year on Audible. 1 down, 11 more to go :).

    1. That’s a really good idea. Thanks for sharing Chinedu. I wish you all the best with your goals this year. Zero to One was one of the books I read last year. Its a good one.

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