Book of The Month: How to Choose a Life Partner by Pastor Bimbo Odukoya

Hi Everyone!!!

Still on my commitment to reading one book a month, the book for February is “How to Choose a life partner: 165 questions to ask” by Pastor Bimbo odukoya. It’s a book every single needs to read (Guy or Girl). It was written by Pastor Bimbo Odukoya over 10 years ago but it is still very timely and useful especially for christian singles.

What I love the most about the book are the true life stories in it. It’s a simple book written to address every issue singles are likely to encounter on their journey to finding their life partners. It proves that godly relationships aren’t based on the mare fact that both parties are Christians, that is, it isn’t enough to assume that just because you are a “good christian” and your partner is also a “good christian” therefore, you both are suitable for each other. The book list’s out 165 questions to ask yourself, and your partner before deciding to marry that person. The questions cover every topic imaginable. Every factor that is likely to affect that relationship is mentioned.

The book isn’t going to tell you who is suitable and who is not, it is merely a guide to put you through all you need to know before choosing a life partner, because at the end of the day- You are the one to decide.

I really enjoyed the book, silently observing my boyfriend as I read it. I even dared to ask him certain questions from the book! (without him knowing I was reading the book though!) 😀 LOL. The book was actually given to me to read by a colleague who read the exact same copy she gave me, with her husband in 2006! I thought it was really cute. She now has copies of the book for sale, alongside other christian books. To order this book at a very affordable price, Kindly contact me on any of my social media handles. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Don’t forget to follow and like 😉

Has anyone else read the book? do share your thoughts below. Thank you!

  1. Yes!!! I am reading it at the moment and every page is a new revelation. Evevrybody need to buy this book and have an extra copy for your spouse or your mentee..
    Great Book. You all should buy…
    Hey Gingerlie… I need a copy.

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