“People don’t grow by accident; they grow by design. Design yourself, design your future. Success never just happens.”

The best way to be the best version of yourself is by continuous improvement which can be achieved by investing in yourself. Most times this doesn’t involve a lot of money. The simple things always count, for instance, taking 10 minutes every morning to read up on a successful person you admire, it doesn’t seem much but it sure goes a long way. These kinds of investments are sometimes overlooked because they don’t yield immediate results, you are not likely to get rich the next week after reading The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu but the knowledge gotten from the book will help you handle money a lot better if you apply the principles from the book. Personal development investments are the kind of investments that help you discover your purpose in life, harness your skills, develop new skills, build a strong mindset towards success, help you define your vision and what success means to you. They build you into the best version of yourself.

I’ll be sharing 4 simple ways I have used personally and believe can help you to invest in yourself:


This can never be over emphasized. Read as much as you can, as wide as you can. There are books for every field that cover topics from social skills to art and food. A lot of people say “Reading isn’t my thing” or “I get bored easily” Every book is different so there is a book out there that will interest you and thanks to technology there are audio books. Taking a course is another way to expand your knowledge, courses can be taken both online and offline, there are lots of short and exciting courses. Website like Coursera and FutureLearn are excellent tools to use.


Seminars, workshops, religious gatherings, social gatherings and any other “gathering” where people come together to share knowledge and experience can develop skills. These are more fun ways to develop yourself and has been on the rise in Nigeria, you hear of several events organized from fashion, business/ entrepreneurial to religious events and many other fields. They all serve as networking events where a lot is being learned at the same time, you could learn very random things such as interpersonal communication (let’s be honest, not everyone knows how to interact with people). Websites such as MeetUp and 360nobs upload upcoming events regularly.


Learning is a lifelong process and there are lots of skills outside your field to learn. Creative writing, leadership skills, baking, drawing, public speaking, web design, the list is endless. Every skill will always come in handy. You just might be surprised where your skill set takes you ;D


No man is an island. Joining a community or a group and playing an active role in it will strengthen your values of commitment and dedication to a cause. It could be from a religious community to a book club or even a fitness club. It can also be a way to give back to the society and this brings fulfillment when done wholeheartedly.

You are the single, most important investment in your life. Your happiness largely depends on the decisions you make every day. Why not choose to invest in you?

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  1. Good, well said.
    If anyone does those all of these and is focus, surely he/she shall gradually become a better person.

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