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I checked my google analytics recently ( something I rarely do) and I realized I’ve had over 9,000 views on my blog! Now that may not seem to be anything to some people. But I know how I never really thought people would actually read my posts. My bounce rates (blog terms) are incredible and the analytics was just generally refreshing.

Every time I think of my blog, I feel like I’m just getting started, but I’m really proud of how far I’ve come, trust me! there has been lots of work put into this little space of mine considering I did most (if not all) of the set up by myself. I didn’t know jack when I started, but now I can say I’ve come a long way in such a short time.

Blogging consists of a lot of technical stuff which I would love to share with you all very soon. If you are thinking of starting a blog, or you already have one but need to boost it. Leave a comment below and I’d give you a load down very soon.

But today, I’d like to share with you some random tips I’ve learned on this journey.

1. Set the right foundation: If blogging is something you want to do for a long time. Its important to set the right foundation. Register your domain name, get a good hosting service and platform. These are little investments that would matter in the long run.

2. Have lots of drafts: You may not have your content all figured out, so ensure you jot down ideas, whenever they pop up. it’s okay to have half-written posts you can always return to rather than wait till you have a complete post to put up. Drafts help you figure out your next step.

3. Quality Images are key! Regardless of what your blog is about, try as much as possible to make it more interesting with pictures, one or two pictures wont hurt at all. And more importantly, use quality pictures that reflect your brand.

4. Write on other platforms: One of the ways to get readers on your blog is by putting up posts on other websites, social media platforms or Newspapers and Magazines. for example, you can decide to write a long post on Facebook which is likely to attract more views. That way, people will get to know about you, what you write about, and eventually visit your blog to find out more. You can also post on well known websites that accept guest contributions. e.g Bella Naija or This Day newspaper

5. Constantly share your posts, both new and old: Always share your posts aka spread the word either by telling the people around you or sharing it on social media, whether you have a new post or not. This will remind people that your blog still exits. You can get creative and decide to promote one post in different ways!

Leave a comment below if these tips have been useful or if you have other tips to share.I’d also like to thank everyone who has taken out time to read my post, comment and share. THANK YOU! 😀

I’d be doing a giveaway soon (to mark 10k views). Make sure you subscribe to get a chance to win!!!

  1. Straight to the point and very apt! (was inbetween paper work and saw this post, ran in here because I thought, there is always something to learn on this).

    One thing I certainly need to get is a professional or standard CAMERA (say that to yourself Jasmine, slowly)… Ca…me…ra!!!! (yep! Dazzit). Not just because it is a signature item for bloggers, but because blogging especially lifestyle blogging really is centered on sharing experiences and picture representation, is the minds eye of each post. I feel, we can talk about how the day went, with a thousand words and it’d be read and understood, but then we can show how the day went and it’d be viewed, felt and longed for and when there’s an element of discovery and longing, there will always be a comeback or desire to get more. Also, I think the depth of the feeling or emotion, to some certain level does rely or collaborate with the quality of the image presented and a good camera guarantees that…AND! I’m still yet to get that sadly (even though my ‘note’ does quite a decent job), I need to get one.

    Any suggestions? Brands I can consider, at decent prices?

    1. Thanks for your contribution Jasmine. Yea A camera is important but be sure to not put pressure on yourself. Smartphones these days have really good quality and there are loads of editing tools to help make the picture perfect. I currently use a Canon 6di (I think that’s what its called. LOL). You might have to speak with a photographer or camera guru who can give you more options, cause that was what I did. All the best dear!! And thanks for all your support Jasmine, It means a lot to me. We should collaborate soon. what do you think?

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