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Saturday was quite eventful. There were lots of activities lined up but I had to narrow it down. The organization I work with wanted to distribute mosquito nets to a Fulani community in Abuja in respect to the World Malaria Day coming up on the 25th of April, and I also had the DENIM (Defining the Nigerian Interior Design Market) seminar lined up. Solange Uzodike’s wedding was also on Saturday, can’t believe I missed it πŸ™

Distributing Mosquito Nets in a Fulani Community in Abuja

I left the house super early to the office, from there, we were transported to the Fulani community, I was able to support and we all got back to town at some minutes past 11am. I went home and got ready for the seminar.

I was able to capture some highlights from the event which I’ll insert below.

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I knew the seminar was scheduled to start by 9am, but I hoped I would get there on time, and not miss much. To my dismay, it took me forever to locate the venue which was Treasures Suites & Conferences. (A really nice hotel I must say!) I got there some minutes after 1pm!! I was devastated. They had just finished tea break, I quickly paid and registered then joined some of my course mates from Maven School of Design and Decoration. I only got to witness 3 presentations, the first by Dr. Magnus Kpakol, CEO and Chief Strategist at Economic and Business Strategies (EBS) and was the Chief Economic Adviser to President Olusegun Obasanjo. He was to give a presentation on Interior Design as a business in the Nigerian economy. To be honest, I don’t think he said anything close to that. However, he did leave me with a bit of business insight and reassured us that there is hope for Nigeria. I particularly took note of a statement he made and I quoted him in a tweet.

What creates wealth is not money but Ideas

Interior Design Seminar Abuja
Interior Design Seminar Abuja

The next presentation was made by Architect Hassan Anifowose of Chronos Studeos He talked about the future of interior design in Nigeria and he introduced us to Chronos Stores, the first online Interior design store in Nigeria. It works with an app that allows you visualize the design items in your own space. It is very much similar to Hutch, a UK Interior design app I stumbled upon earlier this year.

A lady spoke briefly about Interpreneurship- referring to entrepreneurship that occurs within an organization. She encouraged business owners to invest in their employees and also be open to their ideas.

A raffle draw was done and a lucky person named Ahmed, won a trip to Dubai, to attend a 3 day Interior design event!!!!!

After that a vote of thanks was given by a lady from Albedo design school (Which is a primary host of the seminar), she showcased some unique interior design items creatively made by their students, from everyday materials e.g wine bottles, Ankara and the likes.

The event ended as scheduled, we were done by 3pm. After that, I gathered some courage and vlogged a bit. πŸ˜€

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