Feeling stuck? Here are 2 simple tips

I believe, everyone, at some point in their lives have felt stuck. It could be as a result of failure, or having to do the same things over and over again (Routine life) or just the stress of not knowing your purpose in life.(READ THIS) Either way, It’s important to always remember that it is a phase that everyone passes through and that phase never lasts, no matter how long it is taking, it will surely come to an end.

But what do you do when you feel stuck in life?

1. The first thing is to pray. Prayer is simply a way to bare it all to God. I hope this will help you understand prayer better…

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2. The second and probably most difficult thing to do is to Bloom where you are planted: To be at your best when it is the last thing you want to do can be a very frustrating. Here is a story of Vera Wang culled from Elite Daily

Vera Wang – Designer

One for the shifters and changers; Vera could have really gone in a number of directions. After being featured in Sports Illustrated’s January 1968, Wang failed to land a spot on the Olympic figure skating team and went on to work for Vogue magazine.

There, Wang became the senior fashion editor within a year, holding that position for 15 years until 1987 when it was time for the magazine to appoint a new editor-in-chief. She was passed up for the job, which eventually went to Anna Wintour.

At that point, Wang left journalism and joined Ralph Lauren, designing accessories for the brand. It was the start of a career in fashion that had her designing for her own brand at the age of 40. Now at the age of 64, she is the celebrity designer of note for weddings and award ceremonies, the likes of which the all-too-typical red carpet question was made: Who are you wearing? -Vera Wang.

I hope this post helps someone out there. Please share more tips in the comment section on what to do when you feel stuck.

And If you need more insight into what your purpose is, you can check out this book; This is the compressed version of the actual book.

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, Nigerian Lifestyle Blog, Nigerian Beauty Blog, Nigerian Fashion Blog, Ankara inspiration, Gingerlie Lifestyle
The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

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Till my next post! stay blessed

  1. Thank God it is just a feeling of getting stuck in life… all things work will work out just fine for our good as long we depend entirely on God.

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