All about saying “yes”

So I was going to write a different post then this happened: He Proposed! and I said YES!

pay no attention to my nails plsss

Engagement Ring

I got lots of messages and calls from people, congratulating me which was pretty exciting. I also had people ask me “were you surprised”

Hmmmm….was I surprised?

We all know that congrats are in order when the proposal happens. When he goes down on one knee, proclaims his love for you and asks you to marry him and then slips the ring into your finger…but what if you don’t have a ring on that finger yet? Does that always mean you are not engaged?

I remember sometime back, Sola introduced me to a mentor as his wife-to-be and I think the mentor asked how preparations were going…or something like that. I was quick to reply “There’s no ring on my finger and Sola hasn’t proposed to me.” that was supposed to be a joke but a part of me meant it simply because I didn’t think it made any sense planning a wedding when he had not “officially proposed”
In other words “I did not think I was engaged”.

But now that I’m “officially engaged” It has occurred to me that I have actually been engaged for a while. LOOL. Maybe ours was another version of “engaged” that didn’t warrant an official question and a ring up until now. I think marriage is a choice and so is an engagement, it doesn’t have to be exactly how it is for other people. What matters is that there is an agreement and that both parties are happy. I remember someone telling me how he felt the world had labelled a lot of things, making it seem like they are the norm but at the end of the day, we all have different paths, labels shouldn’t define us nor should we feel pressured to conform to them. We are unique and so are our relationships and we should embrace that

Let me know your thoughts on this. At what point do you think a lady is engaged? Is it until the ring comes in? What if it never does? Will you refuse to get married without an “official proposal”?

And on a more exciting note, if you have wedding tips and trusted vendors, pleases share below. Thank you!!

  1. Congratulations once again babe! Oh well, I can gladly say that i wasn’t ‘officially proposed’ to even though I wanted it badly. Lol..And the reason is this, from the moment my husband saw me, he said he had made up his mind that I will be his wife and when he spoke to me, he told me. Down the line, from his actions, I just knew i was engaged. We knew we wanted to be together. Just so you know, we bought my engagement ring together some days to my introduction ceremony Hahahaha

  2. congratulations….. as for the official engagement, I guess its so we have a reference date. Lol! have fun and welcome to planning your big dream whilst undergoing a big nightmare…. (because everybody and their cousins neighbor thinks they have an opinion in the decisions)

  3. Hi love! First time commenting on your post! You can check out @phoebedamiasolo on INSTAGRAM. I know her personally, she’s a relative and she gives tips for brides planning a wedding. Congrats once again!

  4. This was truly helpful.. now I’m beginning to feel engaged too? I know a lot of wedding vendors by the way… hit me up!

  5. Well not everyone gets the proposal (ring) and I believe once you are in a relationship that you know is leading to a lifetime commitment then you are mentally engaged. The physical aspect is for the world to see?

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