Life update: Adulting

2017 started with a bang!

I got back from my holiday and resumed work the first week in January. The year started really fast but I was quick to catch up. It felt like a lot was happening at once, but as I said…I was quick to catch up thanks to the CassieDaves blog planner and lots of personal space, as my family wasn’t back at home yet. I planned my year in advance, week after week but eventually I stopped planning, I just kept moving (can anyone relate to this?) I became so engrossed in all that was happening around me that I just had to go with the flow, It seemed as if I had no control over my time and space anymore.

Fast forward to this very moment. The highs and lows of this year has literally kicked me out of whatever routine or flow I had earlier. I’m not comfortable with this new development and I’m working towards getting myself back into the flow.

so far I would say I definitely learnt a lot about life and ADULTING!

1. Don’t take on so much at the beginning of the year. I learnt this year that it’s important to take on as little projects/tasks/activities as possible, focus on them, finish them excellently then move on to the next. rather than taking up so much and get overwhelmed half way through.

2. Sleep a lot! I had minimal sleep most part of this year.

3. Stayed focused (On God). Another critical thing I learnt is that no one is like you and no one’s journey can be like yours. We all need people to learn from and role models to look up to, but we can’t expect one person to have all the answers we need. This year, I really learnt to fix my gaze on God because my purpose can only be found in Him, While I listened to many mentors and successful people I still drew my confidence from God’s word (the bible).

NB: I changed my Instagram profile to “I have found my purpose in Christ” so that it will be a constant reminder of where my focus should be.

2018 is going to be very different, clearly because I would be married 😀 and also living in a completely different area. This is going to be a huge change for me considering I have spent over 10 years in this current house (with my family). I’m really excited and certain that this change will have a positive impact on me.

I have been anticipating 2018 for a while now, not because I have major plans or anything (other than the big move) but also because I can’t wait to be done with the wedding preparations! LOOL that’s all we talk about now RME

My plans for 2018 is to just build…build on what already exists, My career, My blog and my marriage 😀

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