Why you need a bucket list.

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2018 is already here (scratch that) 2018 is already here! And 2019 and 2020…

Time really does fly by.

Occasionally I do a mental check to see if I’m just existing or actually living life because I don’t want to wake up in 20 years time with regrets. I’m of the opinion that no one on this earth (and I mean no one) should just exist.

We were made for more. To do more, to give more, to be more.

A few days back I was discussing travels with a colleague and I found myself listing all the places I would love to visit, the list was almost endless. “Where would I have the time for all this” I asked myself. And the simple answer is

Create time.

Create time to live.

It’s so easy to get caught up with what life throws at us that we don’t get to do what we really should be doing.

We all have hopes and dreams of things we want to do in the present or future. It may be in our career, family or just random stuff we want to do in our lifetime. For me, I had a bucket list which I even shared on this blog the first year I started blogging. I took it down at some point and I can’t even remember the things I wrote in that bucket list – except that I wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle before I turned 30. LOL. I still don’t know how to ride a bike! Thankfully, I’m not 30 yet.

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Some goals may be vague others may just be a stepping stone to something bigger. But in reality the more we tick stuff off our bucket list, the more fulfilled we are likely going to be in life. I once heard Tony Robbins say “The greatest desire of a human being is progress (no matter how little)” so the more goals you set and achieve, the more progress you make and the more fulfilled you’ll become.

Whether you have 2 items on your list or 200 items, we need to, occasionally, write out things we want to experience in our lifetime, our dreams and aspirations and consciously strive to achieve it. That is one way to truly LIVE.


First of all, do you have a bucket list? If not, why? please share below.
Your bucket list does not need to have things you would normally not want to do. It should be things that suit your lifestyle, things that you wish for and dream about. Your bucket list is unique to you. What I want to experience and achieve will most likely be completely different from what you would want. Your list shouldn’t be defined by other peoples ideas and opinions.


Take pictures or make videos. I would normally not write this down, but really, in this age and time, you almost have no reason to document your experiences. It’s wayyyyyyyy easier to access cameras now. If you don’t capture those moments, how then will you look back at them? It’s better to have them captured, than rely on your own memory, even if you have a perfect memory, how will you share it with your loved ones, visually?


Its okay to change your list, after all its not set in stone, and even if it were, you can get another stone. LOL. As we grow, our interests and priorities are likely to change or, shift, so its okay to move with the flow and not be stuck in one place. Whatever your goal may be, it is unique to you. Never be afraid to add or take things away from your list and never think that a goal is too small or too big. They are your dreams. and as we strive to tick our achievements off the list, we give room for more.

Remember. We were made for more.
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So why don’t you save up and travel to your dream destination? Or start that business? Do it now before you get too old, too busy, too married and life gets even more in the way…

I’d love to know what you have on your bucket list. I would also love to know what your lifetime achievements are and if they’ve changed as you’ve grown. Let me know below.

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