The Mind Diet

I recently heard about the Keto diet. A colleague of mine is currently on that diet and she keeps raving about it. I think it’s a really good way to eat healthy but it definitely takes a lot of discipline. I haven’t tried it, I don’t plan to but I really want to talk about the mind diet.

But before I go ahead, let me quickly say this – I don’t like the updated Snapchat. What do you think about the new updates? What I loved the most about Snapchat was how easy it was to select the people I had on my timeline. Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook are a lot more open but Snapchat (before it was updated) was very private and it was easier for me to filter out what I didn’t feel was healthy for me.

So back to what I was saying, The mind diet ( a phrase I just came up with while writing this post) is a diet that involves, feeding your mind with the healthiest things possible. Its bad enough that we are exposed to a lot of unhealthy information that we absorb unconsciously, It will do us no good to consciously feed on more garbage

I’m going to try to not list out specifically what I think is healthy or unhealthy so that I don’t impose my personal beliefs on you. The aim of this post and this blog is to guide each reader to live their best lives daily, and to live it purposefully. One of the key ways to live purposefully is to feed your mind with the right information to help it grow. Your mind will believe every thing you tell it. you know what you feed your body, but what do you feed your mind? As important as it is to decide what to eat, it’s also important to feed your mind with the healthiest information. Feed it faith, feed it truth, feed it with love.

Here are a 4 questions to consider to help create your own “Mind diet”

1. Are the people you watch (on TV, social media or in reality) impacting your life positively? would you want to be like them in a few years from now?

2. Do experience positive emotions when you see these posts? (If every time you watch them you get jealous, irritated, upset, insecure, then its a sign its not healthy information)

3. Does the post/movie/show uplift you each time? Do you get motivated to build yourself up whenever you see the posts/movie/show etc? Does it give you hope and make you strive to be better that you already are?

4. Does it equip you with the right information you need to be useful and in your home/office/community/nation ?

Do share your thoughts with me below.


I have been having technical issues with my website (started mid last year actually) but I have gotten a tech guru to sort it out for US (me and you :D) so hopefully we would have an upgraded website (frontend and backend soonest).

I’m so excited about the new changes, I don’t like that it’s taking this long tho

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  1. Hey Dupsy, overflowing love over here for. Going tru bloggers to follow and u popped up and damn your blog name is dope.. And j think u look like me alot.. Haha.. P. S… I don’t use snap chat..

  2. Nice one Dupsy! I’m all about guarding my mind and space, only positivity please ? And Oh yes, I hate the updated Snapchat too!

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