The truth about being a Nigerian lifestyle blogger

Hi guys!

Happy New Month!

and Happy easter!

Its been a hot minute right? (the struggle to stay consistent is real!)

The past few months, I’ve had brands reach out to me but I haven’t been able to meet up with expectations.

There are so many things lifestyle bloggers don’t tell you about blogging, and I’m about to share some of those details with you.

1. Its difficult to “blog as a hobby”. Because last time I checked, a hobby is something you enjoy doing at your leisure time” but the moment your blog picks up, expectations begin to come up and you need to be ready. It gradually goes from “something you do at leisure” to “something you do with a schedule/deadline” especially if there’s the potential to make something tangible out of it.

With the likes of Linda Ikeji and SisiYemmie making it big in the “Nigerian blogosphere”, we’ve come to the realization that blogging can actually be a full time job in Nigeria and some of us are tapping into this opportunity,however, most of us are still doing it on the side, which means having two jobs!

2. You need a strategy. So I’ve already established the fact that blogging is no longer something you do as just a hobby, if it is something you are considering starting, then you should develop a strategy. Why do you want to blog? how long do you intend to do it for? CLICK HERE FOR BEST BLOGGING TIPS

3. You need some tech skills/ IT support. Since the onset of this blog, all I have done was by trial and error (thanks to google) which thankfully has brought me this far but I recently realized that I need more than that to achieve much. Mid last year, my website started developing all kinds of issues and I was too busy with work and planning my wedding to sort it out. At the beginning of this year, all I asked God for was divine support in all that He had called me to do (one of which is this blog) and miraculously, I got connected to an IT guru who worked his magic. So if you’re starting a blog, I’d advise that you reach out to an IT person you can trust, to provide some guidance (while you also develop your own skills).

4.Invest Invest Invest. A few days back, I was listening to Pastor Sam Adeyemi’s message on excellence (CLICK HERE TO WATCH) and he emphasized that one of the key things that distinguishes excellence from mediocrity is how much you are willing to invest in something. Be prepared to invest money, time and other resources into your blog. There are already so many Nigerian lifestyle blogs out there, I wouldn’t advise that you start a blog in 2018 just to be like every other blog, yours should be even better because there are now more resources available compared to when most of us started.

I hope I was able to shed some light on what it’s like being a Nigerian lifestyle blogger.If you’re a blogger, do you agree with me? please share your thoughts. I’d love to know what some of your struggles are.

Also let me know if you have other blog related topics you’d like me to discuss.

  1. Hey Dupe, This post is so me right now. I stayed constant from the beginning of this year but sometime around May, I have been faced with just one thing bothering me and my blog has been on a hold. Whew! It is true that being a blogger is more than just being a hobby, it is a side job. By the way, you’ve got a nice blog with great posts. Keep writing dear, you can do it.

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