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Thank God it’s Friday!!!. I think I’m more excited about the fact that I’ve been consistent with my Friday post’s. I do plan to stay consistent so please remember to drop by EVERY FRIDAY for a new post. I need to appreciate you all for the love you showed in my last 2 posts. If you haven’t read them then click HERE and HERE Today, I will be sharing I and Sola’s thoughts with you on depression, suicide and living purposefully

Someone wrote this on Instagram

“Everyone these days are quick to say “secure the bag”. Conversely, wealthy people are ending their lives. Maybe our focus should be on securing love, peace, sanity, a good relationship with God and Joy instead.”

and I couldn’t agree more…

The suicide rates seem to be increasing and it’s disheartening! like KATE SPADE and more recently ANTHONY BOURDAIN and even HERE IN NIGERIA.


Depression is prolonged sadness, when you’re constantly down and moody and have negative thinking patterns. It happens to everyone, but some people handle it better. If it is left unattended to, it leads to suicidal thoughts, isolation, hopelessness, loneliness, low self worth, guilt, shame, or mental illness and they are convinced (by the devil) that there is no way out of that situation but to kill themselves.

I shared this on Instagram:

There’s always a way out of depression and suicide!

Living your life for a purpose bigger than yourself is one sure way out of depression and suicide. regardless of who you are, you will fail at some things in life…

Like I shared in the post above, If you quit overthinking, and replaying failed scenarios, you would realize that everyone else has experienced the exact same feeling (shame, guilt, loneliness, jealousy, hopelessness…the list is endless) that you are experiencing except that the situations are slightly different.

Living your life for a purpose bigger than yourself is one sure way out of depression and suicide.

Everyone knows that King David was a great man, we also know that David did shameful things like the sin with Bathsheba, the murder of her husband Uriah, and the cover-up. He failed to discipline his sons and one of his son Amnon, committed the sin of rape and incest and was murdered by his own brother, Absalom who later led a rebellion in an attempt to take David’s throne. In all these, he could have been depressed and even killed himself from all the shame and mental stress.

Yet, David was known as a man after God’s own heart and he was successful, and he died a peaceful death,

I’m convinced that there is a lot to be learned from Davids story on PURPOSEFUL LIVING AND TRUE SUCCESS.

In all the battles that David fought, he never lost any one of them. Why? because he fought those battles for God…He lived his life for a purpose bigger than himself. Most of the things recorded in the bible that David did, were things he did for God. His purpose was beyond him, he always asked God for direction, he listened to God and God backed him up.In other words David was successful and he died an honorable death.

And we too can be successful in every area of our lives if we find and live for a purpose bigger than us daily.

Purpose should be lived out daily, it should be a daily commitment to take steps to live beyond yourself, whatever you can do to make the world a better place, strive to do that. Your life shouldn’t be just about “me, myself & I” but about others. What can you do to help those around you? Your spouse, friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, church,society, nation, and world?

You can make a difference, Please share your thoughts on how best to live purposefully below.

Remember these are just out thought’s, we will love to know what you think.

We love and appreciate you!


The Idowus

  1. Hi Dupe! Thanks for sharing… I suffered from depression and it wasn’t a good experience at all(it affected by productivity at work because I was highly forgetful. However I overcame it and what I did was that I shouted(clenching my fist and speaking authoritatively against the thoughts stealing my sanity). I shouted and spoke because I didn’t want to hear the lies in my head and gradually the thoughts died, for example, when I hear “you are a failure and you won’t amount to anything good, so its best you end your life”, I reply by saying” I have a great life! My circumstances don’t determine what I will achieve! My destiny is moulded by the great potter to give me a beautiful end”

    Afterwards God inspired me on what to do to suppress the damage that I suffered as a result of depression (forgetfulness) and I can say that I am wayyyy better than I used to be.

    In summary speak against the lies taking over your thoughts and the idea of suicide will be far from you. One has to be highly deliberate and consistent in doing this else one might feel that the “speaking against” therapy doesn’t work.😁

  2. Great write up. I think one way to live purposefully is to surround ourselves with what makes one happy. The society we live in today has set an illusive standard of success and when people do not meet this standards they are seen as failures and this could lead to depression. We should all remember that there is never a One-cap-fits-All approach to measuring success.

  3. Great read Dupe! Its alarming the suicide stories that have sprung this month😩 we take it lightly in this country and its sad because people are suffering inside with no one to speak to. Thank you for playing your own part on this issue of mental health awareness. It cannot be over emphasised. Seeking God, living purposefully, being kind to people, thinking about others first, putting a filter in your mind when going through instagram ( i do this a lot) and CONSCIOUSLY making effort to worry less and let God be God are some ways I try to stay sane and have inner peace in this crazy world. My 2 cents.
    Peace n love😊

  4. Well said Dupe and Sola. I like this line in particular “regardless of who you are, you will fail at some certain things”.
    Ever since I started focusing on the positive aspects of my life as well as my relationships with others not dwelling on the things I had not achieved yet,I must confess it’s been a peaceful ride . May God grant us the wisdom to live purposefully. ❤️

    1. Thanks so much Sandra. I pray God grants you the grace to keep focusing on the positives I pray that He opens your eyes daily to see all the great things He’s doing for you. Cheers

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