Affordable Summer Destinations

Top 5 Affordable Summer Destinations You should book now- Travel this summer with Travelstart

Summer is upon us!!

And it’s that time on the year again…where everyone is looking for summer sales, the most affordable summer destinations and cheap flights available…In this post I will share top 5 affordable summer destinations you should book now.

I wish I could travel all year round! but work and my bank account won’t permit me to. sigh!

Ever since I talked about my Zanzibar experience, I’ve gotten several questions about affordable summer destinations and I’m more than happy to share.

Travel should be a luxury, an affordable one at that, you don’t need to break the bank to explore the world.

If you follow me on Instagram (FOLLOW ME!!! @GINGERLIELIFESTYE) you would notice in my “Travel Diaries” highlight that I have been to several destinations (Zanzibar, Turkey, Niger, Maryland, Florida, Seattle, New York, Dubai, Manchester, and several Places in Nigeria like Obudu cattle ranch, Usman Dam and others.

I’ve only just listed places I’ve visited physically! I have been to a lot more places in my head 😀 I can’t wait to travel the world…but till then here’s a list of AFFORDABLE SUMMER DESTINATIONS.

Life is SHORT

& the world is WIDE

…Travel while you can…

Top 5 Affordable Summer Destinations You should book now

1. Zanzibar: I’m sure you aren’t surprised I’ve listed this here. The weather is friendly all year round and if you’re travelling from Nigeria get ready to be a millionaire! read all about PLANNING A TRIP TO ZANZIBAR here

2. Dubai: Now I’m not sure if Dubai falls under the category of “affordable” but one thing i’m sure of is that you won’t regret it. There are lot’s of affordable flights from Lagos to Dubai…make sure the “Safari Desert” is on your to – do list. Thank me later!

3. Ouidah, Benin Republic: Now you can’t argue with me on this, a trip to Benin Republic would definitely not cost too much. Ask Cassie Daves, She wrote all about her experience in Ouidah. It is definitely on my travel list.

Top 5 Affordable Summer Destinations You should book now

4. Florida: This is a perfect place to visit during the summer, Lot’s of activities and places to visit. If flights are booked early they can be really cheap.

5. Mexico: There have been reports the average cost of a Mexico summer vacation is the lowest cost of international destinations. This is definitely worth checking out.

Can you mention other travel destinations that are affordable? Please share with below.

Visit Dubai with Travelstart, Top 5 Affordable Summer Destinations You should book now

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