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Hi guys! I got pretty busy after my last post.(Click here to read it if you haven’t). I guess it’s all part of adulting. I’m excited about sharing this post on Joyful Living.

SIGH! I haven’t even wished you happy new month.

Anyway’s, it’s still the first week of the month so HAPPY NEW MONTH!!

Welcome to the new month!! And second half of the year. The interesting thing is that this month (July) started off as a NEW BEGINNING for me. I really don’t know how to explain it but it just feels like a fresh start (in a good way of course). What about you? how were the last six months for you and what are your expectations for the second half of the year?

At the beginning of this year, I enrolled in Rhema bible training center and it’s been a life changing experience. It’s also part of why I’ve been quite occupied because most of my weekends are taken. I’ve missed major events like the LAFIYA LIFESTYLE EVENT organized by SHE LEAD’S AFRICA which I was really looking forward to. I’ve also missed out on some collaborations that would have increased my brand’s visibility in so many ways. But it’s extremely worth it. I’m learning so much more about God, His word (the bible) and the love walk.

There’s just so much that I would love to share with you guys and I’m seriously considering starting a podcast but I’ll need to do some more research. My sister has warned me to not start anything else that I won’t be consistent with so I’m not going to start till I have a concrete plan. Ha Ha Thank’s sis!

In this post, I’d like to share a little bit about the art of joyful living.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that at every stage of life, there will always be a problem. I hope that doesn’t sound negative? There are times where everything seems to be going great and before I know it, an issue or issuesss come up that need to be sorted out or am I alone in this?

I think at some point I found myself always waiting for whatever issue I had at that moment to be over before being joyful. Looking back now, I realized I used to “carry my problems on my head” which is not a nice thing to do as a young person. (It’s not even nice for anyone at all whether old or young). Life is too short and everyday should be lived to it’s fullest. Thank God I know better now.

Being joyful should be a lifestyle.

Because if you’re waiting for all your problems to be over, sorry to burst your bubble but you might as well wait forever.

Here are a few thoughts I have on joyful living;

1. Rest as often as you can: This might sound unrelated but when you don’t get enough rest or sleep, your body releases more stress hormones and this will definitely affect your mood in so many ways. Resting/sleeping is as important as eating, if not more important. but most times, people don’t pay enough attention to it.

2. Being joyful is something you do intentionally: You don’t need to wait for something exciting to happen before you light up. The fact that you’re alive is enough reason. Remember I mentioned earlier that there will always be something “OFF” at every season, but the good news is that there will be a longer list of things going right at the same time. To remain joyful at all times, you need to constantly focus on the good things around you. If you have to write out your “happy list” each day, then please do. JOY COMES FROM WITHIN. External factors can only give you momentary happiness but true joy comes from within.

3. Be at peace: Peace and joy go hand in hand so you have to intentionally protect your peace. Guilt, fear and doubt are the 3 major robbers of Peace (alongside other negative emotions like jealousy, anger, impatience…etc.) If you have wronged someone and you feel guilty then don’t hesitate to apologize. If you are scared, worried or anxious about something you can’t change than try your best to let go of that feeling afterall, you can’t do anything about it, instead leave it in the hands of the only person that can change that situation – God. If you have doubt’s or uncertainties about someone or a situation then make efforts to gain clarity. Whatever it is that is happening at that point, don’t let guilt, fear or doubt settle in because remember…JOY COMES FROM WITHIN.

above all guard your heart with all diligence…

3. Make your life meaningful: Please read this article on Huffington post. The author explains this topic so well. If you’re still doing certain things as a grown up simply because “you have to do them”, then i’m a bit worried for you. because if you look closely at life, there are a lot of things you really don’t have to do. You don’t have to get a degree, you don’t have to get married, you don’t have to get a job or even start a business. Let’s be honest…you really don’t have to!

Just because society and culture has imposed certain beliefs on us doesn’t mean we have to continue that way.

What’s important is that you know WHY you are doing what you are doing.

Why do you want to get that degree?

Why do you want to get married?

Why do you want to get that job?

Why do you want to start that business?

Living purposefully daily will lead to joyful life. Trust me, you can’t afford to not live this lifestyle.

What’s important is that you know WHY you are doing what you are doing.

as always, lets keep the conversation going, please share your thoughts below and also share tip’s on staying joyful always.

Thanks for reading! and thanks to all those who reached out last Friday. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to upload a
post. But the schedule hasn’t changed. EXPECT A POST EVERY FRIDAY.


  1. Great post dear, my Mum once said that we all have a bank load of worries, once the present issue is solved another one creeps us so like you said taking it one more step at a time is essential.
    Secondly I agree that one should know why he or she engages in whatever they do not because someone or society expects them to .
    Finally on joyful living, I’m a testimony ,ever since I started focusing more on the positives than the negatives in my life , I’ve never been more at peace plus I figured out that things arent so bad after all.
    Wow I can’t believe I wrote all this *drops pen😂

  2. you are welcome sis.
    one important thing I got from this post is to know the reason why u am doing what I am doing. Thank you

  3. Wow a podcast would be lovely I anticipate
    And that question WHY is really valid
    On staying joyful always
    Remember sweet memories
    Give yourself that treat

  4. Thanks Dupe
    I remember vividly I always do think that a time will come when I’ll be happy, when I’ll get all my wants, when everything will be alright the truth is DO NOT WAIT THE TIME WILL NEVER BE JUST RIGHT.
    As I grew in faith I began to understand that happiness is by happenings, and my joy is inclined on the joy of the Lord that is my strength.
    Plus there is no general rule to life, everyone should move at their own speed, it’s not a competition because by the time you start looking at others you loose focus there an then you are achieving other people’s purpose (copy cat).
    Finally, I don’t think there’s is joy outside Christ.

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