8 ways I made 2018 my best year ever

Happy new month friends

There’s no doubt that this year, 2018, is my best year yet and the funny thing is that it was an intentional decision I made at the end of 2017. I chose to make this year my best ever. In this post, I am sharing 8 things that made this year different and better for me.

1. Sola: I initially typed in marriage but I figured it’s not so much about getting married, but who I’m married to.

This year has been truly amazing because I chose to spend the rest of my life with Sola in December 2017 and every single month from December up to this moment has been filled with peace and joy. I am convinced that he is the best the person for me. He has added so much value to my life and has taught me a lot in this short period.

I can tell that I have grown in different areas of my life. Our courtship was very traditional and we were restricted in many ways and to be honest I didn’t know him as much as I do now. (Before we got married I was convinced I knew him in and out but naaa…now I know that you can never fully know someone). The good news is he is an even better person that I expected and he is a major reason why this year has been (and is still is ) awesome.

2. Joyful living: I did write about this earlier in the year. you can read the post on Joyful Living here. 2017 was a bit rough for me and I made up my mind ahead of time to be joyful in 2018. It was an intentional decision and guess what? IT WORKED!!!

There is no way you can go through life without encountering down times but your disposition in those “down moments” matter a lot. and so I gave myself a pep talk at the beginning of the year. I accepted the fact that there would be so many down moments but I would not react negatively to whatever negative situation I find myself in. To be honest, I didn’t think it would be possible, but I practiced and practiced and I’ve come a long way. Besides, I think it’s a leadership skill everyone needs to have- being emotionally strong. and I’m really happy I worked on that area of my life this year, it’s really paying off.

3. The Love walk: I learnt so much about the love walk at the bible school i’m currently attending called Rhema Bible Training Centre, A non denominational bible school. You cant change people unless you have loved them the way Christ loves us. As with everything else, it’s not easy to love everyone, especially people who have offended you but it helps you be at peace with all men and this contributes to your overall state of mind.

4. Knowing when to care more and when to care less: I have always cared too much about peoples opinions and I have discovered that that is a fast way to fail in life. People will always talk. Part of my growth this year was my ability to make decisions and stand confidently by my decisions. I did make extra effort to care about the welfare of people around me, and I provided as much help as I could but I didn’t give room for any form of negative energy.

5. Setting my priorities: still in the line of knowing when to care more and when to care less, I did set my priorities straight this year. I know clearly, the people that matter the most in my life. God being number one. I know where I want to be in 5 years, I don’t have all the details but I also know where I don’t want to be. This helped guide my decision especially with how I spent my time this year.

5. Using a monthly planner: There’s a statement I heard sometime ago that totally changed my view on life. It says “Your life,in the end, is the total sum of how you spent your time”. This is soo true and I think everyone needs to be aware of this fact. You can’t get yourself involved in irrelevant activities if you know how valuable your time it. Irrelevant activities may not necessarily be bad or negative, they might just be things that are not in line with your purpose.

For me, Scheduling my time has helped me cut out irrelevant activities. I am someone who is passionate about a lot of things, and sometimes it’s hard telling the difference between the activities that are relevant for me per time and the ones that aren’t but this year, I found it a lot easier when I planned properly. At the beginning of a new month I would print out the months calendar in a page and then list out all the key things I had to do and when I had to do them, that way there was no room for idleness and I was able to measure how much I achieved in a month and I can say for sure that I did spend my time wisely.

6. De – cluttering: Clearing out junk from my closet was another major achievement for me this year. As a lady, you tend to have so many fashion items and realize after a while that you aren’t utilizing them all. I gave out a lot of items and made some extra cash from others and the interesting thing is, the more I gave out, the more I received. But it’s safe to say that my wardrobe is a bit healthier than it used to be LOL.

7. Fitness: I was ill too many times this year, especially at the beginning of the year and It wasn’t what most people would have thought it was. *clears throat* After several visits to the hospital I decided to take my health more seriously, I watched what I ate, ensured I was physically active at least twice a week and got enough rest. I noticed a difference both internally and externally. 🙂

8. Skincare routine: My skin became more radiant and it was as a result of multiple factors,

1. Husby 😛
2. Rest
3. Exercise
4. Good food
5. Peace of mind
6. The right products for my skin and
7. actually sticking to a skincare routine.
I am currently working on a video explaining my updated night routine which I would share sometime this week.

2019 is looking even better already, I’ve been making plans and trusting God to fulfill them and even go beyond my expectations…At the end of the day, the aim is to live my best life daily. I hope you are living your best life everyday too?

How has this year been so far for you?


  1. Great post! This year, I was intentional about resting. I used to want to do so much and be so busy all the time, but this year I realized that busyness does not equal productivity. It was honestly such an amazing year with a lot of unexpected (great) turns! Hopeful for an even better 2019!

  2. Girl.. i realised everything has to be intentional and we have to create the life we want and not just merely go with the flow of things. The year has been great for me and I trust 2019 will be better. I’ll have to get used to planning.. I will get a planner to help me with this and also, you’ll please get me the Joyce meyers devotional that you use (we talked about it on ig)
    Thank you for the post 😘

  3. This write shows the maturity that has also come with the choices you’ve made on how to live your best life. Good stuff and truthful.

  4. See me reading and smiling. Girl… You did it again. Nice one. For me everyday is my best life. Though rough times are there but I stay positive and Smile. Welcoming 2019. God bless you and yours. Amen!

  5. See me reading and smiling. Girl… you did it again. nice one. Everyday is my best life. though rough times are there but I try as much as I can to be positive. God bless you you and yours. Amen!

  6. I almost didn’t make time fo r myself this year, I want a change, how do I focus on myself for once considering work and relationship factor

  7. This year has been a roller coaster of emotions. But like you said, emotional intelligence is a skill everyone needs to learn. Good one babes 🙏🏾♥️

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