5 Tips To Improve Your Memory

Losing your memory isn’t fun at all…I’ve always had trouble recalling events, birthdays, people and conversations and I was fine with it, I didn’t think it mattered a lot.

But trust me it does!! Imagine having a conversation with someone and they try to remind you of things you said in the past and you have no idea what they are talking about or constantly forgetting birthdays of people you care about and have known all your life. Thats just upsetting!

I’m in my early 20’s, what would happen when I’m in my 40’s!!!!

Being a Nigerian that I am, I didn’t go to any psychologist to get myself checked cause I KNOW I don’t have any funny mental issue. But this is definitely something I won’t take for granted.

After long hours of research and practical experience, here are a few tips that would actually help improve your memory.


1. Avoid multitasking:

This is something a lot of people do unknowingly. Psychologists say that the main reason people don’t remember events is because they weren’t paying attention in the first place. Concentration takes work, but I found I could remember conversations better when I actually paid attention, rather than talk while I’m distracted ( most times with my phone)

2. Playing “brain games”:

I would recommend Lumosity™, this is an online training program.

I decided to try it because I saw lots of positive reviews online. Its creators claim that 97 percent of users improve their memory in just 10 hours of playing time.

This needs dedication as you have to spend at least 10minutes everyday on it.

I answered a series of questions at lumosity.com to identify which of my cognitive processes, including memory, needed improvement. Then I received a personalized training regimen.10-minute daily series of games is free, and a more advanced program is available for 2,377 NGN a month.

There are other games like Eidetic™ memory puzzle and Audible™ or visit www.brainhq.com The games are based on what researchers found to improve concentration and other cognitive skills.

3. Get more sleep:

This should have been the first thing on my list. My sleep pattern is whack!! I always find it strange when people go to bed at 9/10 pm because that’s when my brain comes alive!!!

I never thought having an irregular sleep pattern had anything to do with memory loss but well….psychologist say it has a whole lot to do with it…they further explained that losing half a night’s rest—three or four hours—on just one evening can erode memory..whaaaaat!??

Yet according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one third of us get less than seven hours a night—including me. (Good to know I’m not in this alone)

In order to get more sleep. I would try to end my days activity as early as possible, take a bath, go to bed, read a book, rather than watch movies (which several studies reveal will make you too alert to wind down). Normally I fall asleep at 2:30 a.m. but this new routine should put me out by 10/11p.m (I pray I stick to this long enough)

4. Exercise:

Sincerely, I don’t exercise frequently. ( except on nights when I really can’t sleep…which happens quite often).
Anyways exercise has been proven by lots of researchers to substantially improve memory, although different types of exercise seem to affect the brain quite differently….

5. Master a new skill:

Researchers emphasize that as a person gets older, trying new things is an essential part of ensuring a healthy mind. I think this would not just enhance your memory but also your social life. So a new skill could be anything from photography to playing a musical instrument. You have absolutely nothing to loose from this.


Other tips include Learning something new before bed, avoiding drugs and alcohol, jot down things u want to remember, basically just make conscious efforts to improve your memory…if at any point you think your memory loss is quite severe, please and please, See A Doctor! Ain’t no shame in that.

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