Book of the Month: 52 Cups of Coffee

Happy new month!!

So as some of you know, i love loooove reading books and try to make it a culture to read at least one book a month. I would love to share with you guys my MONTHLY READS. i would share the books i have read in the past, currently reading, or would love to read.

I recently read 52 cups of coffee. its a book by Megan Gebhart which is a compilation of 52 conversations she had in 29 cities across 7 countries during her senior year of college.She did this because she couldn’t resign herself to life at an aimless 9-to-5 job climbing the corporate ladder. So instead, she challenged herself to have a single cup of coffee with a different person every week for a year to see what lessons she could learn about life and careers.

With each cup, came, A daily dose of inspiring and insightful stories for navigating life’s uncertainties.
i have definitely learned a lot from this book. I’ve learned to keep growing, find balance and most importantly, embrace uncertainties. these make life’s journey more exciting.

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