June Motivation Guide Inspired by She Leads Africa Event


May this month bring you closer to your heart desires!

As the first half of this year is over, I’ve been anxiously preparing for the second half of the year. I’ve put together a motivation guide from some of the things I picked up from the SHE HIVE ABUJA event and i’m sharing them with you all.

I hope it’s useful to you in one way or the other. Let me know what you think below. Enjoy!


The first speaker on the third day of the She Hive Abuja event was Stephanie Coker. She talked about her krotchet kulture brand and the inspiration behind it which I think is absolutely amazing. She talked about how we can also promote African hairstyles same way we promote the western ones. She gave an example of how Kim Kardashian made big lips and curves the in thing. Considering that wasn’t considered cool back then. So, BE YOURSELF , promote YOU, that way, people will respect you and appreciate what you have to offer.


One of the speakers at the She Hive Abuja event, emphasized on the importance of investing in yourself so that you are able to deliver value regardless of your field. He say’s we owe ourselves that much, a portion of our money (about 10%) should be used for that purpose. There’s a wide range of ways to go about it, from buying books, to attending workshops…the list is endless. No knowledge is wasted, knowing something about almost everything helps you stay relevant.


Having good relationships with people around you goes a very long way in contributing to your happiness and life as a whole. Most of the speakers talked about how other people were a huge part of their success. You don’t have to be a people pleaser but even the bible tells us to be at peace with all men. That gives an edge in many aspects of life. EVERYONE is important, and its wise to Invest in relationships…don’t take the people around you for granted because everyone has something to offer. Earn the trust of people,be genuine and create and army!


Building requires energy. To be successful at anything, a lot of hardwork and discipline is required. First find what u are genuinely passionate about and work diligently towards it. Its best to start early and find a mentor to guide you.


Hakeem Belo- Osagie gave the closing speech saying to us all There is nothing that cant be achieved…Just clear all your doubts and focus on your goals. He highlighted two key determinants for success:
1.How you define yourself- He says we should avoid doubting ourselves and our abilities or even comparing our progress in life to thoes around us. Rather, we should believe in ourselves and what you are capable of.

self definition is the the key thing that will determine if you will achieve all that you hope for.

2.How you network- He says successful people never really made it alone, the majority had some significant support from other people. How you relate with other people, communicate, partner and put your energies together is what determines success or failures.

No great achievement has ever been done by individuals

I wish you all an amazing month ahead! Do share your thoughts below…


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